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Connecting People to Resources

Liberian Professional Network members are talented visionary professionals aged 25 to 45 with the passion to become powerful civic or political leaders in their communities. At the heart of what LPN does is connect these vibrant professionals with the right resources by hosting networking events where that provide them the opportunity to meet other distinguished and emerging leaders who will motivate and inspire them, and guide them as they navigate the winding road towards their highest goals.

Demystify Liberia

The Liberian Professional Network “Demystify Liberia” program aims to simplify difficult to understand processes in Liberia Ministries by engaging members and leveraging lessons learned from previous experiences. LPN develops these easy to understand “Demystify Liberia” guides that provide step by step procedures on how to do conduct business in some ministries in Liberia.

Demystify Liberia - Import & Clearance Procedures for Freeport, Monrovia

The first project in the “Demystify Liberia” initiative was “Import & Clearance Procedures for Freeport, Monrovia”. The guide attempts to provide a guideline for the Import & Clearance Procedures for Freeport, Monrovia and to provide shippers with an insight on what to expect at the Freeport in Liberia.

Click here to review the draft of the LPN - Demystify  Liberia: Import & Clearance Procedures for Freeport, Monrovia

Demystify Liberia - Traveling to Monrovia, Liberia

This Traveling to Monrovia, Liberia guide is a part of Liberian Professional Network’s "Demystify Liberia" series and will assist visitors on how to prepare for a visit and have an efficient, safe, enjoyable stay. From obtaining your visa, to partaking in Monrovia’s budding nightlife, this guide helps readers become comfortable with this fascinating and fast-moving country, while continuing to overcome the stigma of a war-torn, dangerous country.

Click here to download a copy of the Demystify Liberia - Traveling to Monrovia, Liberia guide


Diaspora Policy Committee

Liberian Professional Network Diaspora Policy Committee is strategic initiative to help foster dialogue between the Government of Liberia and Liberian professionals living in the Diaspora. The committee liaises with its members and the Government of Liberia to develop policy recommendations on issues relating to Liberia’s economy, government and the Diaspora.

Enterprise Development Program

With the high unemployment rate and poverty being at the heart of Liberia’s social problem, the Enterprise Development Program helps by providing capacity building in business skills, access to the internet, readily market information and a platform to share knowledge. By leveraging its vast network and members, LPN will work with other organizations to provide training to underserved communities in Liberia


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